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Moving house belongings

Woman search for moversMoving house sometimes is compared to the disaster, but what to do to avoid such disaster? We want to give you some hints which may help you survive upcoming removals almost painless. A lot of people just needs service for moving their household stuff to new location. This is when they do all the packing and preparations on their own and usually hire one of the Dartford man and van firm. Knowing some basic tips, you can prepare for removals completely stress-less and with the minimum energy expenditure. 


Make inventory

When people start preparations for relocation, it turns out how many stuff they have managed to gather. Many of them may not be useful anymore and some of them may be damaged and not suitable for re-use.  This is the best time to get rid of unnecessary things. As soon as your sort out your personal belongings you can start thinking about packing and preparing your furniture and house appliances for transportation. It is not so complicated as you might think. You need just some essential knowledge.

Packing tips

Family Packing house

  • Empty furniture, remove the drawers and shelves. If possible you can dismantle oversize furniture. Cabinets and cupboards doors secure against opening with tape.
  • Electronic equipment should be shipped in their original boxes but if you do not have it, you can pack them in the boxes, which are a little larger than the hardware and fill the remaining space with some loose-fill packing material.
  • Books are heavy and so pack them in small boxes. Lay it flat on top of each other by choosing them together with the same size.
  • Some clothes you can pack into your suitcases and bags – for the rest use medium size boxes.
  • Fragile items like glass, porcelain you can wrap in newspaper or packing paper and place in the boxes. Always remember about filling the free space with newspapers, towels or any other stuff, to avoid unnecessary damages during the transportation. Mark such cartons as FRAGILE so removal company team could pay an extra attention on it.
  • On the side of each box write what is in them (it's very useful during unpacking).
  • When stacking cartons, remember to place heavier ones at the bottom and lighter on top.

In your new home you should first unload furniture and appliances, setting them on the right places, then boxes and electronic equipment at the end.

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