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Computer removals

It is rare to find a house without a computer, and most owners would have been lost without them. If you moving home in Dartford and need some basic tips about computer relocation, follow this guide to ensure safe computer removals and avoid problems that you may experience after finding your computer, destroyed after non-professional relocation.

desktop pcComputers are relatively easy to move, but due to their sensitivity to vibration and shock, they require some care during transport. In fact, if you move home you can do it yourself but in case of office relocation it is obligatory to hire the company. Even if you going to entrust this task to one of experienced Bickley removal companies, you should still have essential knowledge about moving it.

Data backup is essential! Back up all your important files and data in case anything went wrong. You can do yourself by using a blank CD, DVD, external hard drive or USB flash drive, or entrust this task to a specialist. Most of larger moving firms employee IT engineer but if you decided to hire smaller firm like Dartford man and van, you may need to find IT engineer on your own.

Shut down your computer after the backing up necessary files and disconnect everything from your computer: mouse, keyboard, speakers and monitor - if possible all these things should be kept separate. Discs that can still hide in one of the CD / DVD drives should also be removed and placed in a secure container. Detach all cables and cords connected to the computer and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.).

Packing and protecting

Protecting pc equipmentOften repeated advice, when it comes to packing items such as computers and TVs, is to use the original boxes. If you still have it, the problem is solved! If not, you can get a replacement carton from company specializing in packaging which can provide special moving boxes for electronic equipment like computers, printers or LCD screens.

Bubble wrap and loose fill chips will be very useful when packing the computer parts, especially the monitor, which is susceptible to breaking. After placing the equipment in a box fill any free space in order to avoid movement during transport. If possible, keep the monitor and desktop unit in separate containers to minimize any damage.

How to transport computer

Both the tower PC and monitor should be stored in an upright position during transport. Seal all boxes, stick fragile labels and inform moving team of the contents of these boxes, always ask them to use caution during transport. Very important: Cartons can not be placed on a wet surface or transported in a moist environment because moisture can damage the electronics.

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