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Office removals guide

Packing office stuffMost office removals takes place in the summer and early autumn. It is therefore important to start planning the move at least a few months in advance, select reliable contractor and book moving date. Of course planning depends on the scale of the project. Large office removals should be  logistically planned six months in advance.

Relying on its own merits in the business move is only apparent saving money.

In business time is money!  

Because of the scale and great responsibility it is why logistic planning is so important in any kind of commercial removals. Why, then, instead of relying on its own forces during the office removal do not hire a specialized company or even small but helpful Dartford man and van team? Whatever the reasons for removals, you should hire professionals and make it as easy as possible.

Professional services

Professional companies have a years of experience and are fully equipped with necessary stuff such as boxes, bubble wrap, fragile tape, wheel barrows, alloy handcarts, digital load indicators, heavy duty grand piano covers, etc., to protect any kind of office equipment (telephone accessories, tape and glue, switches, phones, customer thank you gifts, etc) to ensure the safe transit. Offices are often found on the upper floors of an office building and moving furniture or any other, often heavy, equipment down stairs can be very time consuming. Some moving companies have outside elevators or special cranes which allow to undertake removals directly from fourth or even fifth floors through the window to the truck, conveniently and efficiently, without blocking the elevators, stairwells and corridors.

Company documetsAnother important aspect is related to the huge number of company documents which require precise and clear archiving and proper labeling. Experienced and professional moving companies have special archiving systems. Using special computer programs, printers and barcode readers they are able to achieve it very quickly.

Leaders of removals industry are able to perform medium and large office relocation over single weekend. On Friday afternoon, company employees go home yet from the old office, and on Monday morning come to a new place, where their new office is properly organized and all stuff unpacked and ready.

Business continuity is critical – minimize downtime

Deciding to move the entire company must not forget that this is a rather complicated process and should not interrupt your business. Success is not measured by how fast you are able to move to a new place in a mess and chaos and then trying to embrace the chaos for the next few weeks.

That is why it is very important to the plan whole process carefully, designate a person responsible for overseeing all matters related to the move and – the most important - choose a professional moving company.

Choosing experienced company   

CalculatorIt is very important to compare at least few companies, their services and price and check their references. You can also check whether the moving firm is associated with the British Association of Removers (BAR). Once you choose a company, you should ask to arrange a pre-move survey to discuss all the details, negotiate all costs involved and finally sign the contract. Sales representative will explain you everything and calculate the volume of all stuff to be moved.  

Professional team can guarantee that you will be able to start functioning normally from the moment you arrive in your new location.

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